6 Signs Your Phoenix Home AC Needs Maintenance

6 Signs Your Phoenix Home AC Needs Maintenance

As the Arizona summer relentlessly raises temperatures day and night, professional AC maintenance is essential to keeping your home reliably cool for the comfort and safety of your family. Your air conditioning system must work efficiently.

If you have not used your air conditioner for the last few months, it may require a little tuning up. In addition, be aware of the signs that your cooling systems may require immediate servicing. If your Phoenix home experiences any of the following factors, it may be time to get a maintenance visit from your AC service professional.

    • Cooling isn’t efficient:

      Have you noticed a drop in the performance of your air conditioner? Perhaps it takes too long to cool down and stay cool. One of the first red flags of a declining air conditioning system is reduced cooling effectiveness. The compressor may take too long to activate, which can affect the cycling speed between the intervals.

    • Your cooling costs are rising:

      Another sign that your air conditioning needs to be serviced is a spike in the electricity bill. Usually, when the efficiency of your air conditioner declines, you’ll notice that it consumes additional kilowatt-hour (kWh) units, leading to a hefty electricity bill. Not only can this dent your budget, but an underperforming air conditioner can also negatively affect the environment and contribute to global warming.

    • Strange odors or leakage:

      If you find any unusual odors emanating from the air conditioner or when you walk into a cooled room, there may be some microbial activity, gas leak, or sparking wires that need to be looked at. Many times, outside air conditioning systems may collect debris or biowaste from birds or rodents inside the unit. Additionally, finding any leaks in the air conditioner as well as an increased amount of water leakage can be a telltale sign that you’re due for comprehensive home AC service.

    • Unusual noises while the air conditioner operates:

      There are several occasions in which you know it’s not normal for the air conditioning to perform in a certain way, and one of them is excessive noise. Compressors of high capacity air conditioning systems can be noisy, but if you hear a metallic banging or ringing noise that accompanies the moving vents or fan blades, turn off the device immediately and call for the servicemen to take a look by searching for “AC service near me.”

    • Excessive moisture and humidity in the rooms:

      Air conditioning works by cooling the air without causing any excessive humidity in your home. A malfunctioning AC system will increase humidity and make your home’s air feel sticky. You may find moisture on the walls, which can lead to seepages, bulging wallpaper or paint, and damaged hardwood floorings. When ignored for too long, this can also escalate to promoting fungal activity by harboring the growth of toxic mold.

    • It’s been over six months since you last had your air conditioner serviced:

      If it’s been over six months since you’ve had your AC serviced, it’s time for a tune-up call. An air conditioner loses its optimization over time with regular use, and tuning it periodically can improve its shelf life and operational capacity.


Don’t wait! Be cool!

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