UncategorizedHow To Keep AC In Good Condition in The Summer


Heat is an unpleasant aspect of the Glendale summer to maintain air conditioner. However, it can be easily dealt with when you have a great air conditioning system installed. While these machines are built to be resilient and heavy-duty for weather like that of Glendale, as a homeowner you can take some measures to ensure the AC keeps working to its best capacity. Your air conditioner needs some extra care and protection to work in top shape during the summer condition. Here are 8 ways that you can keep your AC in good condition throughout the summer.


Points need to keep in mind to maintain air conditioner

Keep the filters clean to maintain air conditioner

Your air conditioner works extra hard in the summer to keep your room well-regulated and this also involves filtering the air flowing inwards. It is known that the dry climate increases the number of dust particles in the air, leading to breathing problems. If you or a family member have respiratory diseases or dust allergies, it is imperative to clean the filters regularly. Not only will you help to reduce the strain on your air conditioning unit, but you also help your family stay healthy. Speaking from a cleanliness perspective, the filters tend to block lint, tiny debris, pollen, and other allergens that can serve you well. However, if the filters are completely blocked, the air won’t be able to flow as efficiently through the ducts and rooms.

Clean the air conditioner vents

Most people stop at cleaning the AC filters, while there is much more to do! Don’t ignore your vents, which can become a hindrance to airflow due to any fine dust particles and residue sticking to them. The summer usually brings some condensation, due to which the vents may be subject to collecting fungus. These vents are usually detachable in single units, so cleaning them is relatively simple. With a clean dry cloth, wipe out the dirt on the vents. For added cleanliness in case you find microbial or fungal growth like mold on the vents, use a mix of baking soda and water to clean the vent.

Ensure the windows are sealed to maintain air conditioner

If you suspect that your air conditioner is not cooling the room efficiently enough, make sure you check how well your windows are sealed. Having even a small gap between your windows can let the cool air escape, reducing the effectiveness of your HVAC system. Since the summer brings in heat waves, your room may also experience problems like moisture collecting on the walls. Before you turn the air conditioner on, make sure that the room is packed with external elements. Closing individual doors where you have single units is also vital to keep the room cool.


Shield the room from excessive sunlight

Bright light, especially sunlight can create an insulation effect inside your room when the windows are closed. So, if you wish to maintain your air conditioner’s efficiency, make sure the blinds and curtains are drawn during the day. The shade will keep the room cooler, avoiding the compressor and refrigerant components from working too hard. Another way you can help your AC perform better in the summer is by using reflective glass or heat-resistant windows that do not allow your rooms to heat up.


Give your AC a break

Glendale homeowners usually keep their AC running at all times during the summer, even if they’re stepping out for a short time. This is usually because they wish to come into a cool house rather than wait for the AC to optimize the room later. However, not only does this reduce the lifespan of your air conditioner, but it also reduces the performance capacity of the unit. With prolonged use, you’ll notice that the overall performance declines. If you want to know how to maintain AC units for a long lifecycle, make sure you turn them off while stepping out. Also, giving your cooling system a break every day for some time will help to improve its operational efficiency.


Get a servicing and maintenance appointment

Glendale in the summertime can be particularly grueling, ACs may experience unexpected breakdowns and electrical complications. However, making sure that you get your air conditioner service appointment on time will lower the chances of this from occurring. If you smell burnt plastic or wires, have leakages, or hot air blowing from the vents, call the emergency air conditioner experts immediately.


Use ceiling fans

It may sound counterintuitive to many, but you can improve your AC’s performance with the help of your ceiling fan. In the summer, when the AC may struggle to keep your room cool evenly, using a ceiling fan can help circulate the cooled air throughout, increasing the rate at which the room temperature drops. Use the fan at a moderate setting and turn it off once the room cools down to a comfortable temperature.


Clean the outdoor unit

The outdoor unit can invite a lot of debris, dust, rust, and other blockages in the summer. While the body is quite resistant, having an old AC may require you to take some extra measures to keep the outdoor unit clean. Also make sure that your AC’s outdoor unit is placed away from plants, nesting areas, or direct exposure to the sun.

Final Word

Now that you know what requires to be done, it is easy to extend the lifetime of your AC along with enjoying a consistent performance. From time to time, at least twice a year, it is essential to have your unit professionally serviced by experts. In Glendale, AC Works has a wide network of technicians that are available for routine and emergency AC servicing. To contact us, visit our website, or call us on (602) 780-3077. We hope these tips help you keep your AC in the best possible shape for years to come