Uncategorized9 Problems with AC May Have This Summer


When the summer heat hits Phoenix, Goodyear, and the entire west valley, we all know what to do! The air conditioner of every home is constantly on full blast, which is a necessity to combat the heatwaves that can make life miserable for residents. However, you may notice that the performance of your air conditioner may reduce over time, leading to several problems that hinder your AC. In such cases, problems with AC units can be detected earlier and serviced by professionals.


If you know how repair techs at AC Works deal with heat during the Goodyear summer season, you can save money and not worry about your system breaking down. Here are our top nine common AC problems you could encounter due to prolonged use in hot weather settings.

You May Face Problems with Ac in the summer

1. Refrigerant leakage Problems with AC

One of the air conditioner problems most homeowners encounter is finding leaks in the refrigerants. Now how can one tell whether or not there are any leaks? It’s relatively simple to figure it out once you understand what function the refrigerant performs in an AC. This component of an air conditioner is responsible for removing humidity and heat from the room. So if you find your room struggling to stay optimally cool or it starts to become more humid, have your AC repair team from AC Works Goodyear visit to check for any refrigerant problems.


2. Blocked drains

Finding clogged drains in the summer is yet another of the problems with AC units typical to this season. Since the AC removes any accumulated condensation through these drains, blockages due to debris, dust, or fungi growth are not a good sign. If you find any seepage, water droplets leaking, or a strange odor emanating from the AC unit, call AC Works, Arizona’s air conditioning repair experts covering the Goodyear community.


3. Leaking ducts

Every HVAC system in a centralized home setting has ducts that circulate cool air and remove warm air into the rooms. However, these ducts may leak and cause cooling problems for the homeowners. If you’ve noticed that there is an uneven distribution of cool air throughout the house, you can suspect some damage, breaks, or holes in the duct that are leaking out the cool air. This also makes your AC work overtime and spikes up your electricity unit consumption.


4. Clogged air filter

Having a clean air filter in the HVAC system is vital for the entire family. The need for clean and pure air is also intensified during the summer when dust storms and particles are everywhere. When the AC is working hard to keep your home cool in the summer, the air filter may need to be cleaned regularly. However, if you encounter any damage to the filter, you need to change it immediately. A clogged or damaged air filter can lead to poor air quality, improper air circulation, and a shortened lifespan of your system. Getting in touch with your local AC maintenance services will help you have this repaired or replaced, and save you 5-15% of electricity consumption.


5. Evaporator coils freezing

These coils are located with the refrigerant that works to keep the room cool. Evaporator coils have warm air cycling through them, but any malfunction may lead to the air around them becoming too cold. This can freeze the coils, leading to an ice build-up. If your AC begins to blow hot air or no air at all, this is what probably went wrong.


6. Fan issues

An air conditioner has two fans; one which helps to blow cold air into a room or duct and the other is attached to the outdoor condenser that throws out hot air. Any of these fans malfunctioning can lead to the breaking down of your AC. It is better to get your air conditioner serviced thoroughly before the summer begins to make sure that both the fans are well-lubricated and free of debris.


7. Fluctuating Problems with AC units

An air conditioner turns on and off to conserve energy. However, if it does this too often, there may be a problem with the electrical flow or the condenser. Make sure to get your home checked for any loose wiring, sparks, faulty wiring, or condenser malfunctions.


8. Noisy AC units

Every air conditioning system has a set of common signs regarding when it is time to call the maintenance experts like AC Works in Goodyear. However, homeowners don’t pay any mind to it, leading to increased damages and a reduced AC lifespan. Any suspicious noises from the AC that weren’t there before need to be taken note of and checked out.


9. Warm air from AC

One of the most frequently occurring problems with AC units is blowing out warm air instead of cool air. This may be attributed to issues with the filter, fans, condenser, coils, or refrigerant.


The health and well-being of your family depend on the comfort of your home, and a well-functioning air conditioner is an essential requirement in the summer. If you notice any of these telltale signs in your HVAC system, call AC Works Goodyear to get your unit repaired as soon as possible. Not only will you save on repair expenses, but also optimize your electricity bills. To know more about our range of services, contact us at 602-780-3077.