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While summer is in full swing for most locations, it may not necessarily be the best thing for your HVAC system’s performance. As the heat soars more intensely than in the preceding year, your air conditioning has to double down on its operations to keep your home cool. Not only can this lead to overworking the HVAC system is failing , but also make maintenance trips more frequent than just twice a year. If you’re living in places like Arizona where the heat is worse than in other regions, you need to keep a close watch on your air cooling system to keep it working in the best condition.

Oftentimes, this means watching out for signs that your AC is probably maxing out and needs a tune-up. This could include small issues or major damage that needs emergency HVAC repairs.

Here are 9 telltale signs that your HVAC system is failing.


1) The cooling is not as efficient

Has your air conditioning system failed to deliver an efficient cooling effect as of lately? Sometimes, it’s hard to discern when your HVAC needs to be looked at because the lack of immediate cooling debilitates over time. Gradually, you’ll notice that it takes longer for the entire house to cool. Or, it could also happen that the rooms may struggle to keep up a constant temperature and get too warm at some point. If you have noticed this happening for more than a few days, it’s time to call an Air Conditioner maintenance team in your area.

2) There are signs of water leakage

Water leaking from the vents or from the back of the HVAC system is noticeable pretty easily. However, there are worse things that it could lead to if the leakage seeps into your walls and hardwood floors. Not only does water damage lead to expensive repairs and restoration works, but you also may not know the extent of the damage! Finding wet spots and mold formation on the walls is a red flag you need to address immediately by getting an HVAC emergency repair.

3) Your electricity bills are spiking

Since it is the summer season, using the HVAC throughout the day is bound to show on your electricity bills. However, comparing the last season and the period right after an HVAC maintenance appointment, if your bills have spiked beyond the acceptable amount, there may be a problem. Not getting timely servicing may reduce the energy efficiency of your machine, leading to the consumption of more units. Track your bills over the last three months to check for any significant surges in the power bills and look up ‘ the best HVAC repair near me.’

4) The compressor takes longer to start up

When your HVAC Issues has been well-maintained and works in the optimal condition, you’ll notice that the compressor automatically starts up between regular intervals. This facilitates an even-cooling effect that helps sustain the temperature of a room. However, if your room seems to get a little warm before the compression comes on, or the compressor is delayed while starting up, there may be compressor not working. This could range from wiring problems, lack of compressed gas, or simply needing to be serviced. Time your compressor’s activation to check for a consistent delay!

5) Humidity and moisture accumulation indoors

One of the biggest signs that your air conditioning needs an HVAC repair in Phoenix right now is feeling mucky indoors. The HVAC system is built to eliminate moisture, which is why feeling excessive moisture indoors is a sign of trouble. This could be as small as feeling some humidity on your skin or finding water droplets (condensation) on the walls inside the house. Not taking care of growing humidity may bring challenges like fungus growth or damage to the drywall and paint.

6) HVAC failure because Smelling strange odors

It is not uncommon for you to start detecting strange smells if your HVAC is malfunctioning. What do we mean by strange smells? Anything that you didn’t experience before, such as burning plastics/metal, musty odors, decay, or gas. It is also not hard to detect because this odor fills up the entire room. Once found, call an HVAC repair Phoenix company like AC Works to help mitigate this problem.

7) HVAC system is failing because of  fluctuating power

When the HVAC is in full swing, have you noticed your home’s mains fluctuating? This may show up (HVAC Issues)as other gadgets like the fridge, lights, computer, or heavy machinery glitching for a fraction of a second. Power fluctuations are also (leads to compressor not working) related to problems with your HVAC compressor, so get expert AC repair in Phoenix to have a look at your cooling system.

8) HVAC common problem Blowing warm air

When your air conditioner starts blowing warm air instead of cold air, it may be a sign of a number of problems, such as a refrigerant leak or a broken HVAC compressor.


9) HVAC system is failing because of insufficient air flow

If your air conditioner isn’t blowing enough chilly air( air conditioning failure ), it’s a worrying indicator, much as a unit that takes a while to start blowing air. Consider contacting a repair professional if you observe a significant deviation from your unit’s typical capacity.



Final Words: Timely HVAC Repairs With AC Works Can Save You Dollars and Time!

Repairing an HVAC system after there are several signs like the ones mentioned above will cost you big bucks at branded outlets. Worse yet, you may have to replace parts or the entire air conditioning system due to significant damages. To keep your HVAC  issues functionally healthy and working effectively, getting periodic servicing twice a year or more is a must. AC Works can get the AC Repair Phoenix in a flash affordably and at your convenience. To know more about your nearest AC Works HVAC technicians.

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