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There could be many reasons why your air conditioning unit may start to behave funky all of a sudden. Maybe you’ve noticed the telltale signs of the HVAC failing due to a few instances over time. Or, it could be a sudden breakdown of your aircon that has your entire family sweating in the sweltering Glendale summer! No matter what your reason is to call the emergency AC repair service closest to your residence, don’t you think you need to know what’s wrong? Not only may it help you explain the problem better to the AC repair emergency service professionals, but also make minor fixes yourself!

This blog will show you four things that need to be checked before you call the Home AC services in Glendale so they can help you fix it quickly. Without any further delays, let’s jump right into it!

Is there a consistent electrical power supply?

This may seem like the most obvious observation in the entire world, but trust us on this one! So many technicians performing AC repair Glendale have all recounted the same incident regarding their work at residences. The client calls them in a frenzy, rushing to get the HVAC fixed, but once the professional arrives to inspect what went wrong, they noticed the neighborhood was under a power outage.

This turns out to be waste of time not just for the technician but also for you, who also has to shell out dollars for an appointment that couldn’t even be completed. Make sure that the power supply to your home is consistent and that there are no scheduled or sudden outages before you call the repair company. Better yet, confirm with them at least a couple of hours before the appointment time to help things run smoothly.

On another hand, if there are no outages but your AC is still damaged, make sure to check the wiring of your system before you look up “emergency AC repair near me!” This will prevent any short-circuiting or fires.

Are there any blockages on the AC unit’s air filters?

In an AC, the air filters are integral parts so that cooled air can flow seamlessly throughout the vents and ducts. Blockages can hinder this process, making your air conditioner work harder to keep a room cool. If you think your room isn’t receiving the same cooling in a given time range, make sure to rule out blockages in the air filters.

You can also clean it periodically by yourself. This will make sure that your air conditioning unit does not overwork to give you the desired cooling. If your HVAC system is overworked, it will spell extensive servicing which only increases the emergency AC repair costs in the long run.

If you’ve checked the air filters and see no blockages but still notice the AC not working properly, try the next step.

Inspect the AC drain and condensation pump

Almost every AC unit has a safety measure to protect your home, and that is known as a water safety switch. This functionality can prevent the HVAC system from working if it detects water leakage into the house. This was designed to stop your floors and ceilings from getting damaged.

What we need you to look out for is water in the pan below the unit. If you find any, make sure to flush out the drain line to eliminate any blockages. If this was the problem, your AC would definitely start working fine. If this still does not fix the problem, try out the last step.

Check out your circuit breaker

Make sure you check up on your circuit breaker for trips. This is definitely not a sign you should overlook because a tripped circuit breaker may indicate complexities that a technician needs to inspect. If the circuit breaker connected to your air conditioner trips, it can be reset. The breaker tripping several times needs a quick call to the electrician who will be able to figure out the reason and fix it. The reason these devices trip is because they are installed to prevent a voltage upsurge or excessive electricity from failing your HVAC system.

If none of the abovementioned steps fix your air conditioner, you need to call in an expert AC repair company. In Glendale, AC Works is a renowned name that several rely on for emergency repairs and routine HVAC maintenance.

Wrapping Up:

From the gist of the four pointers mentioned above, you’ll be able to check your air conditioner yourself and see if these are problems that can be fixed easily. If not, you can reach out to AC Works Glendale to Schedule a Repair. The technicians are highly trained professionals who can easily repair and start up your HVAC in record time, which is what we all need during such hot summers. For more information regarding AC repairs and inspections, visit our blog section!

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