UncategorizedHow Often Should Home Air Conditioning Be Repaired?


Air conditioners are a blessing and one of the most incredible pieces of technology humankind could have built in the 20th century. Thanks to HVAC systems, we can stay safe indoors from the soaring Phoenix heatwaves. Moreover, the use of air conditioners is no longer a luxury but an essential requirement for a comfortable life. However, users forget to care for their air conditioning systems like they would their car. If you’re wondering whether it is already time to get the next servicing round, let’s have a discussion on the frequency of these appointments to book with your nearest Phoenix air conditioning service.

This blog will address all things about maintenance and air conditioning service Phoenix homeowners need to know about!

So, how often do you need to get your HVAC repaired?

It is imperative that you schedule regular maintenance with an AC service Phoenix company at least twice a year. Why twice a year, you ask? The reason is simple. Your HVAC may not be operational during the colder months, which is the time your air conditioning system may lie not operational. So, the first round is right before summer arrives to make sure that all the rusty parts (if any) are cleaned out, debris dislodged from outlets, and the individual components are thoroughly inspected. The second round can be anywhere between 5-6 months after the last servicing round.

Long story short, getting your air conditioner serviced twice a year is the best way to enjoy energy-efficient consumption, optimal cooling 24/7, and improved air quality. Some people wait for a year or more to get their AC maintenance trip. However, this turns into an expensive affair, more costly than the two rounds they’d make twice a year.

What are the benefits of having your HVAC maintained regularly?

1) Lowered maintenance costs.
2) An optimally functioning air conditioner.
3) Lessened electricity bills.
4) Longer life for the machinery.

But how do I get in touch with an air conditioner repair service near me without forgetting? The answer is simple! If you struggle to keep up with dates like air conditioning service rounds, getting an HVAC maintenance contact will benefit you a lot.

Should you sign-up for a routine AC repair contract?

If you love to save money and have a property that requires effective cooling throughout the day for prolonged hours, this contract will benefit you. These days HVAC repairs and servicing companies like AC Works provide routine visits to help keep your air conditioning working in top shape, and you can save money by signing a contract with them. The year-long contract can be extended if you’re happy with their performance.

What are the perks of having AC maintenance contracts?

1) Prioritized services: One of the biggest challenges during the peak summer season while your AC breaks down is to have the repair company over at your place immediately. Due to the sheer number of customers and emergency AC repairs, you’ll probably have to wait. When you have a contract with a company like AC Works Phoenix, you receive priority service over all others.

2) Value-added inclusions without extra charges: One of the best parts of having an AC repair and maintenance contract is receiving additional services without extra charges. Once you’ve paid the contract amount, all works are included within the same price.

3) Discounts on parts and accessories: Sometimes you may need to replace parts over the lifetime of your AC’s lifetime. Electrical glitches, burned parts, or failed components can be expensive to fix. However, you can receive heavy discounts when you’re under a contract with such repair companies.

4) Regular check-up routines: You never have to add post-it notes to mark a calendar when it comes to AC maintenance. The company will ensure that they make routine checks to keep your HVAC working in the best condition.

What are the inclusions of Air Conditioning maintenance?

Each maintenance of the home air conditioning is a step towards improving and sustaining the lifespan of your machinery. The technician may undertake several basic and complex tasks to make sure your air conditioner repair process gets its money’s worth. Mentioned below are a few of the steps taken when you call the AC maintenance company to your home.
1) Cleaning and lubricating parts of the HVAC system to ensure that they are fully operational.
2) Gauging the airflow and electricity flow throughout the system to improve energy efficiency.
3) Inspect individual parts like the compressor so that the AC keeps the cooling consistent.
4) Cleaning out the condensate drain that could be clogged due to gunk, mold, or other debris.
5) Checking and fixing the compressor gas levels for optimal cooling.
6) Cross-inspection of your home’s thermostat to check if it is working the AC and performing any recalibrations if need be.

Wrapping Up:

It may come across as a lot of simplified information, but getting routine maintenance appointments can change the way you experience comfort. Imagine never having to worry about your AC dying out or malfunctioning in the heat of the summer- a common problem Phoenix residents are quite familiar with. With AC Works Phoenix by your side, you will be able to ensure that your home air conditioning works just the way you like it. Booking an appointment, or better yet, getting a maintenance contract with us will leave you carefree and prioritized!

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