UncategorizedWhat Happens to your AC without Regular AC Maintenance?



The invention of the modern air conditioning system has made it possible for us to live comfortably in Arizona year round. In the mid 20th-century, AC in a Glendale home was a luxury. Today AC is vital for desert living. With Arizona’s scorching summers, a home without a properly functioning AC can be extremely frustrating if not dangerous, which is why scheduling regular maintenance and repair is crucial.


Just like you and your family, your air conditioning system needs some R&R twice a year to be at the peak of its performance. Several Glendale homeowners talk about the expensive repair bills after foregoing regular HVAC servicing. To help you understand why this happens, this blog will discuss seven consequences of irregular AC maintenance. Curious to know what happens when you don’t keep up with the servicing appointments? 

Here are 7 points  that happen to Your Ac without regular Ac maintenance


Your air conditioner may break down without AC maintenance

Your air conditioner may be operational throughout the year, or only during the hotter months. However, in both cases, avoiding your AC preventive maintenance twice a year may lead to unexpected breakdowns. The air conditioning system crashing without any warning can be incredibly frustrating and inconvenient, especially if it happens in the middle of the summer. If you use the air conditioner all year long, it may have some blockages or damages that may go unnoticed. Some people in Glendale only use their AC during the heat of the summer. But not using it for several months may lead to problems like blocked vents, gas leakage, condenser problems, or more. 

Seasonal wear and tear may harm the efficiency

Every type of machinery needs to be fine-tuned to work in top condition. Similarly, your air conditioner may experience seasonal wear and tear due to the change in temperature, flying debris, blockages, damaged wires, or electrical outages. Getting these fixed on time with professional AC maintenance services in your area can help your unit work smoothly.

Your HVAC may suffer a reduced lifespan

We all expect our HVAC system to work well for at least five to seven years, but with good use, it can be prolonged to even 10 years. Alternatively, avoiding regular maintenance and servicing of the air conditioner can lead to problems that may reduce the lifespan of your unit. For instance, not getting the internal and external components oiled and repaired may lead to corrosion. Or the condenser unit may suffer such damage that a repair can turn out more expensive than buying a new AC.

More electricity may be consumed

The electricity bill is something that concerns every Glendale homeowner and even commercial building owner. A poorly functioning HVAC can consume more power, which can break your monthly budget. Instead, getting your AC repaired and tuned regularly can keep the unit consumption in check. You can also have AC servicing professionals like AC Works come in and check the unit consumption of your HVAC to ensure it doesn’t break your wallet.


Increased CFC emissions

In 2022, we can no longer remain complacent in the risks of environmental damage, which demands that we use our electrical gadgets wisely. Not only do today’s AC models emit lower amounts of CFCs, but they also have a green-friendly rating that buyers can reference and compare to alternatives. However, a few years after you buy your HVAC unit, the efficiency may deteriorate with irregular maintenance. This also includes an increase in the emissions that are not visible to the naked eye but that contribute to negative environmental impact. Getting regular maintenance visits will help you mitigate this issue, reducing your home’s carbon footprint.

Unhealthy air quality

Every air conditioner has a filter to deliver clean and crisp air into the room. However, if you do not clean it regularly, or replace a damaged filter on time, the air you and your family inhale indoors may be compromised. This is especially critical for those with breathing issues, where the filter may not be able to shield you from pollen, dust particles, microbes, and lint.

Expensive replacement and repair costs of AC maintenance

Last but not least, getting repairs done after ignoring AC maintenance for even a single year can cost you a bomb. A component may malfunction that could have been detected months earlier and may be unsalvageable by the time you see the warning signs. Replacing components can be far more expensive than getting them repaired or serviced.

Booking regular AC maintenance appointments every six months can save you and your family so much trouble. Simply looking up the nearest AC maintenance center and booking a consultation with AC Works in Glendale can help you save hundreds of dollars in the long run.