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Businesses and organizations today all have a centralized HVAC system for several reasons. For starters, commercial air conditioners play a substantial role in keeping office machinery cool for optimal operations. Secondly, it helps keep your employees comfortable, which is a huge part of providing them with a good working environment. Apart from these, commercial air conditioners are also used to keep server rooms cool, preventing any overheating and data damage. However, maintaining these air conditioning systems can be quite complex, considering commercial ACs  have a large-scale set-up. Sometimes, your systems may encounter some HVAC common problems, leads to commercial air conditioning repair, hindering the overall operations of your workplace. You can go for commercial portable air conditioner. To avoid any delays in repairs and to keep your office working as usual.

Here Are Some Commercial Air Conditioners Problems.


1. Common commercial AC Overheating Problems 

In an office setting, the commercial air conditioner can be used for long hours. If you run an IT business or any organization with its service rooms, heavy-duty HVACs run all day long. In such instances, especially in the summers, the commercial ac unit can overheat. This not only may lead to damage to the wiring and integral components but also may lead to an entire system malfunction. This is why commercial ACs need a lot more care and attention to maintenance as compared to home ACs.

2. Debris blockages

With continuous use and the commercial ac unit being installed outside the building, there can be debris lodged in the drainage and external units. With changing seasons and weather conditions, the growth of mold and debris can be lodged in the vents, leading to several HVAC common problems. The HVAC vents and filters may also be susceptible to accumulating dust and microbes, risking your staff’s well-being. It is imperative to ensure that these components are regularly so that your HVACs are free of any blockages that could hinder the cooling of your office space.

3. Inconsistent cooling

When your air conditioner is running overtime to keep your office in the summer, it may encounter a problem in the condenser unit or the fans. This, in turn, can result in inconsistent cooling. If you have noticed that your office space is warm in certain zones and cooler in others, it’s time to get a routine check done for all your commercial AC.

4. Capacity problem

If you set up regular servicing appointments and still have a cooling issue with your AC, there may be a problem with the capacity problem. If you have made a careful inspection and still don’t find anything wrong with the HVAC, your AC maintenance expert would assess whether the size of your AC suits the size of your property. Commercial air conditioners are made to cool specific spaces based on size. Capacity problems can be a result of your commercial ac units excessive or insufficient capacity for your office premises. If you’re noticing capacity issues due to your HVACs size, we recommend you downgrade or upgrade your system as appropriate.

5. Common commercial air conditioners problem “Burned fuses” 

If your AC system keeps on shutting off during an average operational day that could indicate a sign of overheating. Make sure to get the circuit breaker inspected for signs of blown fuses. Power surges and fluctuations can or even the summer heat could lead to blown-out fuses. You could call your local HVAC repair experts to help you diagnose and repair the issue immediately.

6. Strange odors commercial air conditioners problem

An air conditioner in any commercial setting is meant to neutralize any odors. So, if you smell something odd and strange like sulfur or rot, call your nearest repair company immediately. This could be the issue of a gas leak or any organic substances decaying within the system, especially if you have the external units installed near vegetation.

7. Unusual noises commercial air conditioners problem.

While commercial air conditioners produce more sounds than home air conditioners, it’s just the external units that are responsible. However, if you start to hear strange noises through the vents inside the premises, or excessive noises from the external system, get it inspected immediately.

8. Damage in rooftop units 

Installing HVACs may involve setting up external units on the rooftops. This also subjects the components to direct sunlight, rain, and other elements that could erode their exteriors. Make sure to check the structural integrity of the rooftop units regularly so that the bodies do not fall apart due to prolonged negligence.

9. Loss of Efficiency HVAC System 

Your yearly heating or cooling costs may significantly increase as a result of HVAC systems losing efficiency. This occurs as a result of the system working harder to run more frequently in order to make up for the loss. If your energy expenses have suddenly climbed but that cannot be related to increased use or problems with the weather, you should have a professional check your HVAC system.

10.Unresponsiveness of HVAC System 

The thermostat is frequently at issue when your HVAC system completely fails to operate. If the thermostat’s screen is blank, check the batteries and replace them. One of the most frequent HVAC issues, the thermostat normally turns back on and the HVAC system continues normal operation. If changing the batteries doesn’t fix the issue, the thermostat may need to be changed.



Final Word

If you run an organization that operates with an array of HVAC systems, it is imperative to keep an eye out for the abovementioned signs. In the short and long run, these serve as indicators that can help you schedule your AC servicing appointment on time. In any instance, if you experience multiple problems with your commercial air conditioner, You can try our commercial portable air conditioner, set up an appointment with your nearest repair professional. In Arizona, AC Works is your best bet for a quick and expert tune-up as well as extensive commercial AC repair. Our team is prompt with their services and ties all the necessary loose ends that may cause potential problems in the future. To know more about HVAC repairs and services, reach out to AC WORKS today!